Lyft & Uber Vehicle Inspections

Lyft & Uber Vehicle Inspections

Fast & Hassle Free Vehicle Inspections 

$30.00 Certified Lyft & Uber Vehicle Inspections done by appointment in Santa Rosa, CA. Service includes completed 19 point inspection and completed Lyft or Uber Vehicle Inspection Form. Make an appointment for a Lyft or Uber Inspection today.

If your vehicle does not pass the first time you will not be charged for the second inspection after any necessary repairs are performed. 

NOTE: If you have a Lyft and Uber inspection performed at the same time the second inspection is $15.00 ($45.00 for both). 

In California Lyft & Uber has vehicle age and number of door requirements. In addition you will need proof of insurance and current registration.

Lyft vehicle & driver requirements

Uber vehicle & driver requirements

The Lyft and Uber vehicle inspection is required annually. Remember to check your tires before your inspection due to bald tires being one of the main reasons vehicles do not pass inspection.

Lyft inspection form

Uber inspection form