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Lowering Kits

Lowering Kits in Santa Rosa, CA

Lowering kits are available as an after-market add-on and, as the name implies, can get your vehicle to sit lower to the ground. There are several reasons you might want to lower your vehicle, such as decreasing the amount of drag on your vehicle and increasing your vehicle’s handling by improving your tires’ grip. If you’re a racer, you probably want to lower your vehicle for better handling. Also, lowered cars just look cool.

If you’re interested in lowering your vehicle, stop into Spring Works to find out about our lowering kits. You can schedule an appointment online to talk to an expert technician about what lowering kit will work best for your vehicle.

Suspension Lowering Kit Installation

Installing a suspension lowering kit takes a lot of skill and precision. If you’re not intimately familiar with how to install a suspension lowering kit yourself, we recommend that you bring it in for professional installation. Installing a suspension kit improperly can cause a host of dangerous and expensive issues for your vehicle. Improper suspension lowering kit installation can actually increase the drag on your vehicle, instead of decreasing it and give you a rougher ride overall. We do not install lowering kit that we do not supply.

You can trust Spring Works to take care of your vehicle and get your suspension lowering done right the first time. Our decades of experience set us apart from our competitors and means you can always trust that your vehicle is in good hands when you bring it into Spring Works for service, repairs, or installations.

Choosing the Right Lowering Kit the First Time

When it comes to choosing the right lowering kit, the first thing you need to decide is how low do you want to go. Once you figure that out we can help you decide on the right kit for you and your budget. You can always consult with an expert technician at Spring Works who can take a look at your vehicle and offer advice on the best lowering kit for your vehicle. Some of the ways you can lower your vehicle are as follows.

Lowering Springs

Lowering springs for cars, trucks, and trailers.

Lowering springs are similar to factory springs as far as their basic purpose on your vehicle. Like factory springs, lowering springs are designed to support your vehicle’s weight. You can usually swap lowering springs out for the originals without dealing with any modifications, making lowering a relatively simple process, when done correctly.

Lowering springs are, of course, different from factory springs. Otherwise we wouldn’t use them to lower vehicles. Lowering springs bring your vehicle lower to the ground when they’re installed because they are designed different than OEM springs. Once installed, you don’t have a say in how low the vehicle sits. It can only sit as low as the installed lowering spring is.

There will be length and/or spring rate changes. Typically whenever you decrease vehicle ride height you increase spring rate. Their smaller size means that lowering springs have a higher spring rate than factory springs to make up for the loss in height. This translates to a firmer spring, which will decrease the smoothness of your ride and increase the performance handling characteristics.

Lowering your vehicle with lowering springs lowers your center of mass, which can give you better handling and stability. This means you can turn tight corners with a lower risk of body roll and decrease of traction. As a trade-off, though you will have a firmer ride, overall, due to the firmness of the lowering spring.  A lot of car enthusiasts decide their comfort is a small price to pay to get an increase in their ability to corner more effectively.

Lowering Kit Brands Offered

We have lowering kits from the top brands in the industry, including Belltech, Eibach, and Ground Force. Spring Works can also help you design a custom lowering solution if one of the brands we carry doesn’t have exactly the lowering kit you’re looking for, or if you want something specific that is out of the realm of what traditional lowering kits have to offer.

No matter what type of lowering kit you’re looking for or why you want to lower your vehicle, you can trust Spring Works to take care of your lowering kit installation. Get it done right.