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How Do Leaf Spring Shackles Work?

A leaf spring shackle is a steel bracket which one end mounts to the end of a leaf spring and the other to a hanger mounted to the frame of a vehicle. The shackle pivots as the vehicle goes over uneven surfaces in the road which allows the spring to lengthen and flex. This movement absorbs road shock and provides a smooth ride.

How To Know If A Leaf Spring Shackle Is Worn.

Leaf spring shackles can wear in a few different ways. One way a shackle can wear is by the bushing inside the shackle becoming torn and offsetting the mounting bolt or causing it to wear into the shackle. If the bushing completely tears through you may get some loud rattling and clucking noises over bumps as well. Then there is the bracket of the shackle. The metal of the bracket can become cracked or the mounting holes can become oblong if the mounting bolt begins to wear into it. Those are the things you will need to keep an eye out for during an annual inspection to know if your shackles need to be replaced.

The Different Types Of Leaf Spring Shackles.

Leaf spring shackles vary from vehicle make to vehicle make. The shape, length, and style will change depending on if it is a front or rear shackle, the leaf spring and the hanger where it mounts.

Below are a few different pictures of shackles so you can see some of the differences between them.


What Is A Leaf Spring Hanger And Shackle Kit?

A leaf spring hanger and shackle kit is all the components that connect the rear of a leaf spring to the frame. The leaf spring hanger is a bracket that bolts or rivets to the frame of a vehicle. It is stationary and has no pivot points. The leaf spring shackle bolts to the hanger and pivots as the spring lengthens when going over uneven roads. This option is great for someone who want to completely restore or refresh the suspension of a vehicle.