Differential Service

Differential Service

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Automotive Differential Repairs & Service

Spring Works services and repairs differentials for all cars, trucks, and motor homes. We offer differential rebuilding and differential fluid services. Regular service of your differential will reduce wear, reduce high cost repairs, and keep your vehicle operating smoothly and problem free. Front end and rear end differentials should be serviced every 3 years or 50,000 miles. The service includes a test drive, inspection, fluid change, fluid analysis, and fluid refill. Make an appointment today for differential repairs or service.

Differential Diagnosis

Whirring, howling, whining, and clunking noises originating from the front or rear differential is an indication of worn and/or damaged parts. The very first step in any differential service is a complete and thorough inspection. Our differential inspections include a test drive (we will simulate different driving conditions in order to isolate the problem), checking the level and condition of the lubricant, and we perform a visual inspection of the all the internal components. Other information that is useful is the maintenance history and past/current driving conditions. Once we have this information we can provide you repair options. 

Differential Failure

Differentials fail for a number of reasons but the most common are improper lubrication (level, type, or contaminants) and high mileage wear and tear. Improper installation of ring/pinion gears, bearings, and related components are other typical causes of differential failure. At Spring Works you can rest assure that whether you need a fluid service, or a complete rebuild, you will have problem free high quality differential services performed. Get it Done Right.