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Coil Spring Service

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Coil Springs 

Spring Works specializes in coil springs. We supply standard OEM coil springs, heavy duty coil springs, and custom coils. If you need a custom coil spring, look no further. Spring Works can supply custom coil springs to increase or decrease ride height. We can also improve your ride by suppling coil springs that are softer or firmer. Do you have a weight capacity problem or do you want to change your ride height? We can fix that too. For 23 years Spring Works has provided solutions to just about every coil spring problem imaginable. Make an coil spring service appointment today.

Coil Spring Calibration

We offer coil spring calibration services up to 5000 lbs. We can test coil spring to within an accuracy of 2lbs. If you need to determine coil spring rates, or coil spring  load rate at a specific height, we can supply you accurate data. In addition, we supply coil springs for any automotive application. We supply coil springs for cars, trucks, armored vehicles, limousines, classic cars, and electric cars. Get It Done Right.

Custom Coil Spring Quote Request

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OEM Replacement Coil Springs 

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