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Different Types of Brake Pads

A lot of people don’t realize that you have options when it comes to deciding which brake pads to put in your vehicle. While it’s always tempting to go with the cheapest option, that isn’t necessarily the best choice for your safety or for your vehicle’s longevity.

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Differential Operation and Maintenance

What is a Differential, How Does it Work, and How Do I Take Care of it?

Wheels on the same axle don’t always move at the same speed when the vehicle turns. Your vehicle has an important part, called a differential, that negotiates this difference so that you stay in control of your vehicle every time you make a turn.


Trailer Maintenance Schedule

The last thing you need when you’re packing up your trailer and about to hitch it up and take off on an extended trip is that it needs maintenance. But if you only use your trailer every once in a while, it can be easy to forget that it needs the same type of routine maintenance as the vehicle that hauls it.

Wheel Alignment - Get It Done Right

Wheel Alignment: There's Only One Right Way

Every vehicle is designed so that the wheels are angled in a particular way so that the vehicle drives straight when the wheel is straight instead of veering to one side or the other. In short, wheel alignment is essential for making sure your vehicle is safe for you to drive and your tires wear evenly. 

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What are Leaf Springs?

What are Leaf Springs and What are They Used For?

A leaf spring is the primary suspension component for many different types of vehicles and trailers. But, if you’re like most car drivers, you don’t know what it is until you need it! Not to worry. We’re experts in leaf springs and leaf spring repair, so you don’t have to be. 

Whether you need to get new leaf springs or you need to replace the ones in your vehicle, here’s everything you need to know about leaf springs and what they’re used for.

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High Quality Brake Service and Repairs in Santa Rosa, Ca

The Real Cost of Cheap Brake Repair

Nobody likes to spend a lot of money on car repairs, especially when they’re unexpected. But when it comes to keeping you safe when you’re on the road, it’s worth it to make sure that the brake parts you get and the service you receive are high quality.

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