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Automotive Suspension System Service in Santa Rosa, Ca

Automotive Suspension: How Does It Work?

Automotive suspension plays an important role in providing a comfortable ride for drivers and passengers, by absorbing shocks from bumps on the road and helping to maintain traction with the surface of the road. Automotive suspension service and high quality parts by Spring Works in Santa Rosa, California. Get it done right by suspension experts.

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Shock Absorbers & Struts in Santa Rosa California

A shock absorber, also known as a damper, is a mechanical device that is used to dampen or absorb the kinetic energy of a moving vehicle. Automotive shock & Strut service by Spring Works in Santa Rosa, California. Get it done right by shock & strut experts.

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Brake Pulsation Problems & Solutions

What Causes Brake Pulsation?

In general, feeling a pulsation or vibrating sensation when you hit the brakes isn’t a good thing. When your brakes are working as they should, you should be able to slow down and stop smoothly whenever you apply pressure to the brakes. If instead, you feel a pulsing or vibrating sensation when you tap on the brakes, it’s time to bring it in for an inspection.

All About Brake Squeaks

What Causes Your Brakes to Squeak?

We’ve all heard that unmistakable loud squeaking noise coming from a vehicle, either our own or someone else’s, and thought “uh oh, somebody needs new brakes.”

The next time you hear that sound coming from your own car, truck, or SUV, don’t immediately panic. Squeaky brakes don’t always mean something is wrong with your vehicle. In fact, sometimes squeaky brakes don’t mean anything at all.

Everything You Need To Know About Brake Calipers

What is a Caliper and What Does it Do?

You know what a brake pad is and what brake rotors do, but what exactly is a brake caliper? It’s one of the lesser understood parts of a brake system, but it’s still important, at least, if you want your car to stop moving when you hit the brakes (which we assume you do). Here’s everything you need to know about brake calipers to keep you safe no matter what type of vehicle you’re driving.

Brake Rotor Material Differences

Different Types of Brake Rotors

Brake rotors (aka brake discs) are an essential part of your vehicle’s brake system and are the friction surface that the brake pads squeeze to slow down the wheel’s rotation. Compared to a bicycle; a bicycle rim serves the same function as a brake rotor/disc. When the bicycle brake pads squeeze the rim, it slows you down. Similarly, on a vehicle the brake pads clamp onto on the rotor/disc when you hit the brake, and they need to be working properly if you want your vehicle to stop.

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