About Spring Works

How It All Started - Our Story

Our founder Leo Beck was inspired to start Spring Works because it combined everything he knew and loved—cars, metal, art, and helping people. His love for cars goes back to when he was just 13 years old and put a motor into his first car—a 1978 Honda Civic.

He was introduced to arc welding at the age of 14 and ornamental iron work a couple of years later. The experience of being able to create and change something left a lasting impression on Leo. In 1986 he learned leaf spring manufacturing work while working at a blacksmith shop, which put together all the pieces that would become the foundation of Spring Works.

Spring Works was founded in 1993 in a single bay within a trailer repair and part shop located in Windsor, CA. Within the year it moved to its own 800 square foot warehouse space in Santa Rosa, equipped with nothing but a 4-foot tall red toolbox, a drill press, a chop saw, a jack, 2 jack stands, an arch table and a hammer. The business started small with just springs. Leo’s unwavering commitment to honest work and customer service combined with his experience led to quick expansion. Adding tools, equipment and an online presence over the next few years. In 1995, Spring Works expanded into custom suspension fabrication, custom coils, wheel alignments, differential repair, and brake services. Heavy truck suspension leaf springs, suspension parts and online came soon after that.

Today, Spring Works online and brick & mortar businesses continue to grow while still keeping a focus on service with integrity. Our 30 years of specialized suspension and brake experience, suspension fabrication knowledge, and leaf and coil manufacturing experience set us apart from our competitors. But the real difference is our focus on our customers and our commitment to handling every job with integrity and care. The values that helped Leo succeed in the early days of the business are the same values that keep us moving forward.

Suspension, Brake, and Differential Experts

Located in Santa Rosa, CA Spring Works is a suspension, brake, and differential specialty business with over 30 years of expert experience. We specialize in coil springs and leaf springs and have a 
range of products that you can buy, including custom leaf springs and coil springs for armored vehicles, emergency vehicles, handicap vehicles, mining vehicles, limousines, foreign and domestic cars and trucks, farming equipment, and industrial machines. 

Our services include brake service and repair, air bag suspension kits, coil spring service, differential service, disc brake conversion, starting and charging interstate batteries, leaf spring service, oil change, suspension lift kits, suspension service, wheel alignment, trailer service, undercar service, and welding and fabrication service. We also do multi-point Digital inspections for all cars, trucks and RV's. 

From the beginning, Spring Works aspired to create a different business experience by putting customers first. Our intention is to always remember the humanity that is present in our interactions and to treat all of our guests with integrity. 

We want you to experience it done right in all areas of your experience with us. Our promise to you and ourselves: We will always be honest. We will always operate with a high level of integrity. We will always treat you with dignity, and we will go all out to get it done right.