About Spring Works

Established in 1993

Spring Works is a Suspension, Brake, and Differential Specialty business. We Specialize in Coil Springs and Leaf Springs. From the beginning Spring Works aspired to create a different business experience. Our intention is to always remember the humanity that is present in our interactions and to treat all of our guests with high regard.

We want you to experience it done right in all areas of your experience with us. Our promise to you and ourselves: We will always be honest, We will always operate with a high level of integrity, We will always treat you with dignity, and we will go all out to Get It Done Right.


Leo Beck, the founder of Spring Works, began his career in 1986 at the age of sixteen. Sweeping floors in a Blacksmith Shop helped put a little money in his pocket. Within months Leo began learning metal heat treating techniques, welding, and leaf spring manufacturing processes that provided the foundation of knowledge and skill for what would become Spring Works. The Blacksmith techniques that Leo was being taught were passed through generations of Blacksmiths.

At nineteen years old Leo managed all manufacturing, installation, and welding functions of the Blacksmith shop. Many years were spent forging and heat treating spring steel and other specialty metals in a 6 foot forge utilizing an anvil, hammer, and heat. During that period everything was done by hand. When a leaf spring required cold arching it was done by hand with a 20 lb tapered sledge hammer.

In 1993 Leo founded Spring Works and continued to learn and grow. Spring Works expanded in 1995 into Custom Suspension Fabrication and Custom Coils. Soon after that Wheel Alignments, Differential Repair, and Brake Services were added. Spring Works has grown every year since it's beginning and his intention is the same.